Mayumi's Favs

If you are looking for a coffee alternative or sugary soda alternative that's yummy & healthy? Well, look no further!

What this is is an all-natural daily pick-me-up. 100mg of natural caffeine, real fruit & veggies, and a delicious flavor. 0g sugar and only 10 calories per serving. 

This product gives you clean energy! Contains 100mg of natural caffeine, over 2 grams of whole foods, nutrient dense organic grape juice powder and beet juice. 200%DV of Vitamin B12 for increased energy and improved recovery NATURALLY.

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Nattō is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans that have been fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto. It is often served as a breakfast food. It is served with karashi (yellow) mustard, soy or tamari sauce, and sometimes Japanese green onion.

I live in the Seattle area (Bellevue) and I get my natto at HMart or Uwajimaya. They usually carry natto in most Asian Grocery Stores (frozen food section)

Daiya Cheese

I am so grateful to Daiya for creating a cheese substitute that I can eat. I am not able to eat dairy, gluten/wheat, chicken eggs or tree nuts anymore. Daiya makes it so iIam able to create the yummy foods that I enjoyed with real cheese!

Daiya is made from cassava and arrowroot and is known for its cheese-like consistency and melting properties. ... It contains NO animal products or soy, lactose, wheat, barley, gluten or nuts. Daiya is sold in natural and conventional food stores within Canada and the United States.

This at-home test measures your body’s immune response to 96 foods to help guide you on what types of food may be the best to choose for an elimination diet.

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