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An Open Letter to Women Over 40 Who Feel Anxious about Their Bodies:

If you’ve noticed that your body and the way people treat you have changed after you turn 40, you’re right. For many women, life becomes different after 40. They can no longer eat the food they used to eat without feeling bloated or tired. Shedding a few pounds is no longer easy-to-achieve. They can’t dress the way they used to anymore. People seem to treat them differently. They are worried about aging. They worry that as they age, they may start to lose their usefulness to the world, and the world may start to forget about them.

You’re not alone. Getting older can be scary. Mayumi’s Secret is a how-to book filled with heart-wrenching stories and practical advice that show you how to overcome the social pressures and inner anxieties from aging and live proudly and vibrantly because of your age. In this inspiring read, lifestyle mentor, international model, and entrepreneur Mayumi Muller will show you:

  • What to do if the food you love now makes you feel icky after eating it
  • How to stay in shape when you don’t have the time to work out
  • The truth about what outfits look good on you and what don’t
  • Skin care secrets used by international models that you don’t know
  • How to look better, feel healthier, be more confident, and enjoy your age!

As a 52-year-old mom, Mayumi Muller is on a mission to empower women after 40 to love their age, not hide it. We live in a society that bombards women with messages that make them afraid of getting older. Every day, we’ve got a million different voices trying to tell us how to look, how to act, how to dress, when to show skin, when to cover up, when to speak, and when to shut up. It’s almost like they think we’re just here for everyone else’s enjoyment!

Once we get “old,” they want us to believe we lose our usefulness to the world. And every product that’s ever marketed to us seems to be about stopping the clock, going back in time, or making us “young again,” as if our age is something to be ashamed of.

Well, Mayumi is calling bulls**t. This book will help you realize that your best years are ahead of you, that life doesn’t end at middle-age, and that you can proudly show your age and be fcking fab and fit. Get your copy below!

Mayumi's Secret

Fcking Fab & Fit After 40

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Kara Visser

"Love it!!! Perfect blend of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, vulnerability and truth!"

Jocelyn Hawkins

"I loved the way Mayumi blended her inspiring life story with real advice for issues that us women over 40 are constantly battling." 

Stacy Lowe

"I couldn’t put the book down! So helpful! So practical! So motivational! It’s never to late to crush your dreams and rock your life!!!"

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