About Mayumi Muller

Mayumi Muller is an entrepreneur and lifestyle mentor who has spent a lifetime building relationships and helping people improve themselves—including twenty years of modeling all over the world, a successful career in sales, starting a matchmaking service, and now building a business empire with her husband, Aaron.

Mayumi was born to a Japanese mother and African-American father. Facing fierce discrimination from her family, Mayumi and her mother fled Japan after her father’s death when she was just two years old. They taught themselves English while Mayumi’s mother worked odd jobs, and eventually they landed in Seattle, WA. She became a successful student and athlete, earning herself a scholarship to The University of Washington. Mayumi would eventually become the first Japanese-African-American woman to win Mrs. Washington.

While her career has taken her across the globe, Mayumi and her husband have chosen to settle back down in Seattle where Mayumi mentors women who are struggling to find clear direction with their lives. Between them, Mayumi and Aaron have five kids, one Shih Tzu puppy princess, and nine businesses (and counting)!

Mayumi is passionate about helping women over 40 overcome the social pressures and inner anxieties from aging and live proudly and vibrantly because of their age. She believes that anyone can learn how to say “fuck it” to their haters, and become the person they always dreamed themselves to be. You just have to know where to start. 

Mayumi is a certified Myers Briggs practitioner and holds a life coaching certification. 

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